Journey Connections

Our connections team is an army of fun, friendly, and engaging volunteers. If you love welcoming people or simply love to smile, then the connections team is definitely a perfect fit for you!

Be Part Of Journey Connections

Welcome Hosts

These hosts create a welcoming environment for our guests by offering a kind greeting and acknowledging everyone as they enter the campus. They open doors with a warm smile and offer friendly hellos as they hold a sign, hand out communion elements, or assist with event promotions.

Guest Services Hosts

These hosts help our guests understand how they can connect to Journey Christian Church when they stop by the Connections Center or New Here Center. We do this by getting to know people, creating a comfortable environment, and providing helpful information on all that Journey has to offer to help people grow in their faith.

Parking Hosts

These hosts serve as the first impression for those coming to Journey Christian Church. They set the tone by having fun, giving high-fives, and providing a safe, easy parking experience with a high-energy welcome and clear directions on and off the property.

Auditorium Hosts

These hosts welcome and greet guests coming into the auditorium by offering to help find them a seat. Warm smiles, handshakes and hugs are welcomed.

Special Events

Journey hosts multiple special events throughout the year. Opportunities include assisting with organizing, decorating, and facilitating special events and services such as Serve Day, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas decorations and sermon series interactions.

Meet Your Leaders

Kasy'e Conley - Connections Director

Kasy’e (aka Kas) calls herself “the crazy lady in the Atrium.” If you’ve ever been to our Apopka campus, then you’ve definitely seen Kas running around doing an amazing job of leading our Connections Team! Kasy’e says “I love interacting with people. Being able to engage, connect and pour into our guests has been a life-changing opportunity for me. I have wept with those who are struggling, I’ve laughed and celebrated with guests, and I’ve been able to help guests take their next step from just coming to church to now serving on a team or joining a Life Group, etc. It’s such a great feeling to be able to be a part of our guests’ lives and their faith journey.”

Julie Jenks - Director of Weekend Experience (Lake County)

Julie is Lake County’s Director of Weekend Experience, and is definitely known as the woman who “holds the church down!” Originally from Apopka, FL, Julie started serving on the Connections Team in June 2018. Julie says, “I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of Journey staff. To be able to greet and love on others as they walk through our doors gives me so much joy! I enjoy following up with new here guests, that personal touch means so much to people. I love the personal touch we give as a church and how we stay connected with members of our church.”